COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone! It’s with much relief we can finally announce that we will be reopening to the public on 01/08/2020. As you might expect, this reopening comes with some conditions which we will need to adhere to in order to keep our customers and members safe. We thought it would be helpful to gather all of this information and these changes in one place, so please have a look through this page for information on how we will be operating for the next few month at least.

Face Coverings

While we don’t expect people to wear masks while exercising for obvious reasons, we do ask people to use common sense and have respect for others by ensuring face coverings are worn when arriving at and departing from the building.

Gym Bookings

As our gym room is relatively small, the only way we will be able to operate safely and fairly is through a booking system. The gym can now be booked for £4 for 45 minute slots on every hour (e.g. 10:00 – 10:45), allowing us a 15 minute cleaning and disinfecting window after every session. Up to four people may use the gym at any time, and bookings can be requested on our bookings page.


All gym memberships will remain suspended for the duration of us using the above booking system, and will be activated again when we’re able open normally. If you have already paid in advance you won’t lose any time on your membership as this will be credited when restrictions are lifted.


Classes will be run at the discretion of the class leaders. We want to encourage safe and responsible exercise, so we’re offering class leaders a discounted hourly rate of £10ph for holding classes outside on the bowling green, which is completely refundable in the event of any cancellation including bad weather. If you’re interested in running a class please contact us via our bookings form.

Pitch / Sports Hall Bookings

Bookings for these areas can now be made on the bookings page on our website. Fill in the request form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm.

Reopening with these new restrictions and conditions in place will be a learning curve for us, so we’d like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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