How We’re Keeping our Water Safe

Lockdown has brought a lot of unforeseen challenges to businesses, and not least of these is how to ensure your site is safe when it finally comes to reopening. It’s easy to forget about things like your water pipes, but we all know stagnant water can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and the water in your work place is no exception!

The most important thing has been ensuring the systems in the premises were flushed regularly to keep things moving. We have had ongoing refurbishments happening over lockdown so fortunately that has meant this job has been somewhat easier to keep on top of.

Regardless of flushing, however, the system has still seen much lower overall use, which is why we’ve also taken the extra step of having the whole building chlorinated. This treatment kills all the potentially harmful bacteria lurking in the lines and strips away any biofilm, meaning we can rest assured that when we welcome our customers back our water is safe for consumption.

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